Business Performance Coaching

Richard is an experienced personal coach and helps people to maximise their potential. His approach is proactive, flexible and completely individual, building relationships based on integrity and trust. Each session is tailored to the individual's needs, whether it's how to build confidence, prepare for a presentation or develop the skills required to manage a team. 

Over the past 2 years, he has delivered over 200 hours of virtual coaching.

Sessions are typically an hour long. Rates and references are available on request.


" I grew so much as a person ... through some amazing one to one coaching with Richard Brimblecombe which made me realise that my self doubt is all in my head and not a reflection of what I do! Richard taught me the skills to change the conversation I have with myself, and the difference in who I am as a person now, is an example of our hard work together.
Richard is an excellent coach. He helped me prepare for a series of important interviews for a major American Investment Bank. Not only was he able to conduct very realistic role-play but also to ask technical questions. In addition, he responded quickly to answers and in a challenging way.
Also, taking 'a time out' during the role-play was helpful, to analyse specific situations and assess the merits of various answers.
The things that I learned from Richard, I have used in every interview since and this has been really valuable to me.

I would recommend Richard. If you are trying to succeed in your current role or trying to get that next job he can make a real difference very quickly."
Ben Nicholson

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