The Limelight Trailer

20th July 2011

The Trailer for the film THE LIMELIGHT is now available on my Showreel Page.

The film, with Chris Ellison, Sharon Duce and Richard Brimblecombe is currently in post production and is due for completion later this year.

The Limelight is a dilapidated nightclub in its final hours, about to close its doors for the last time. It is dark, crumbling and cheap. In one last attempt to revitalize its fortunes the owner Derek (played by Richard Brimblecombe), gives Petra, the daughter of an old friend, the chance to host an under eighteens battle of the bands. This event is a final desperate hope, a last lifeline to financial rescue. For the youngsters who attend the event this is the closest they may ever get to fame, an opportunity at the X-factor. However, the battle of the bands is an empty event. The winner gets a dubious contract with Max (played by Chris Ellison),a low time producer. And, apart from local support, no one in the wider world neither cares nor even knows about the event. Shot in black and white, this dark, gritty tale examines young people's dreams and aspirations, but at a deeper level questions the futility of existence. The film will be accompanied by an original rock based soundtrack, recorded by unsigned emerging bands.





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